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ICP DAS with MatDeck Software

ICP DAS and MatDeck Software can easily connect and be used to interface devices, control, measure and automation. MatDeck is a universal engineering and applications software that combines features from Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Data acquisition , Control and more together in an integrated single document. It is flexible for any level of work ranging from robotics to chemistry processes and reactions. Here, variables from various GUIs, code and functions from each field can be mixed together and used in any and all ICP DAS custom applications. This also applies for ICP DAS OEM users and developers.

MatDeck is already compatible with over 200 ICP DAS devices including Modbus, TCP, USB, RS485 and others making it also ideal for any OEMs. MatDeck is a necessary everyday tool for ICP DAS developers and OEM engineers.

MD GUI Designer

MatDeck’s GUI Designer is an interactive work panel where users can drag and drop 19 different widgets and create their own custom GUIs and apps. User interfaces that are bespoke to user parameters are vital in ICP DAS and OEM applications. Each Widget has multi-layered in-depth customisation available. Like all MD features, GUI designer is flexible and can be used with in standard documents with features from all fields.

GUI designer with instruments

The greatest benefit for ICP DAS users lies in its ability to automatically generate the visually designed GUI into executable and editable code. The visually designed GUIs require little training and no need to memorise countless code. Additionally, as the code is auto-generated, users can cut time spent coding tenfold and allocate more time to further their application.

Web Assembly for all GUI designs are available. Any Instrumentation and GUIs created can be shared and viewed via web browsers. This make sure anyone within a project or external can access your panel.

Forms, such as the one below, can be created in the GUI Designer and are especially useful for data automation and control.

database and gui code

With over 90% of the code being generated by MatDeck, ICP DAS users will have to write dramatically less code with errors made negligible.

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Deploy EXE/Web Build

programming tool bar

ICP DAS users can also enjoy multiple programming options and styles. Additionally, they have the choice of coding in dedicated script files like the one above or can deploy Code Blocks in standard MD document and implement other MD features with it.

Deploy as EXE is also another option as the user’s disposal. Here, applications are converted into EXE files that can be treated as standalone independent applications. Outside users can use these applications as executable apps without the need for the code used. Unlimited amount of copies can be made and shared on an infinite number of PCs.

For faster processing speeds, users can also access ArrayFire library in MatDeck. By moving processing loads on their GPU, even faster processing speeds can achieved. GPU acceleration of mathematical functions can extremely help and shorten lengthy applications.

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MatDeck Universal Document Format

MatDeck offers standard documents with user-friendly interactions and the key benefit of being able to run every MD feature on the same single file. Put simply, functions and features from different fields can be mixed and used together. Dedicated ICP DAS functions used to interact with ICP DAS devices and configuration GUIs are also a part of this can be embedded with other MD features. This includes over 2000 mathematical functions, databases, image processing, PID/signal filtering and more that can be used to aid any and all ICP DAS applications. Python and MatDeck script are also MD features meaning all these capabilities can also be integrated with code and programming files.

MD’s universal style document format allows for a versatile environment in which users can perform applications from any type of industry.

universal format gui form
document options

Multiple document formats are available. Code can be adjacent with other processes in a standard document like the example above. User can also program in a choice of IDEs including Python and MatDeck script.

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ICP DAS Configuration GUIs and Integrated Code

Being able to interface ICP DAS units and software is vital part of most processes. Users need to be able to easily use and access their units without having to allocate strenuous time and resources. MatDeck automatically recognises any connected ICP DAS devices and they can be easily configured using dedicated configuration forms such as the one below. Drop-down menus and check fields simplify the configuration process and are straightforward to understand.

config form document

ICP DAS devices also have their own dedicated custom MD commands that can implemented in math canvases and code. These commands make specific interactions and data retrieval easier.

icp das command

Users can insert commands visually using a side menu that has all ICP DAS commands split into relevant groups. An arguments window below contains all arguments and a small description of the command’s function. Example window is also available. By doing so, users don’t have to learn ICP DAS commands and reduce the strain of lengthy programming and coding errors.

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Virtual Instrumentation - Virtument

Similar to the GUI Designer, Virtument is also an additional deployable toolkit that can be used as a separate window or embedded within a document. Virtual instrumentation is an important aspect of advanced measurement and control. MatDeck supports this aspect in the form of Virtument.

Cutting time spent on designing and setting the instruments panel is integral to Virtument’s design. It achieves this by allowing users to drag and drop instrument elements and a user friendly panel.

Little training or understanding in the field is need to use Virtument effectively.


Data enters and exits the virtual instruments panel via auto-generated channels or custom channels the user has defined. MD documents, such as a Python or C script file, can constantly receive data from Virtument which can be directly used in code and other functions. This means applications from different industries can also use Virtument.


SCADA applications are also included in Virtument. For a larger they may be preferred as they can represent processes more accurately.

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DSP, Signal filtering, Curve fitting and Data Acquisition

MatDeck, like most tech industries, is based on mathematics. Signals and signal manipulation can be done in MatDeck using mathematical principle and mathematics functions designated for filtering, creation and manipulation of signals from ICP DAS devices. Running both analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters, timers, counters, input and output ports, buses, and TCP/IP is done in the same files and treated like any other process. Data Acquisition has a comprehensive interface and simplified.

Curve fitting and signal filtering can also be used to better represent signals received from a unit and remove background noise.

signal filter

Digital signal processing can be done in MatDeck in a plethora of ways. Users can choose to use a IDE (Python/ MD Script/ C), custom math functions (above) or use custom GUIs (below). GUIs such as the one below are especially beneficial for ICP DAS users who can use straight-forward fields and checks to process signals. Learning functions and syntax isn’t necessary.

signal process

Signal processing toolkits for different types of filtering and manipulations are available and can be deployed directly into the document adjacent to other processes.

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